Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Answer to anger is silence

22 october 2008

Recently, in these past five days, sometimes my heart felt a little bit unease. I do not know what is the reason, but what I am sure is, there is a terrible feeling inside my heart. Maybe his uncomfortable feeling started when I joined trip to Washington DC.

Last Saturday, my friends from my university and I went to Washington DC to celebrate Eid Mubarak at Malaysia Embassy. We rented two mini vans to accommodate all 14 people of us. Alhamdulillah, our way all along to DC was safe and quite enjoyable.

When we arrived there, Pn Anora and her husband, En Shaid, (both of them are from MSD) greet us with a warmest welcome I had ever experienced. We planned to stay for a couple of nights in their home . But some of us had to go back early since one of us had to work on Sunday evening.

During the trip, I realized one thing; I talked too much until some of my friends felt annoyed with me. Maybe it was just me or maybe they really showed the sign that they got tired of my babbling.

After, I just stay quite. It is not good to feel that people is getting angry with you. When I felt the feeling that I made people annoyed with me, I started to get angry.

It is not that I was mad with them. It is just that I always blame myself for not being sensitive about other's feeling and just do things as I pleased.

During the whole trip, I've tried to control myself to talk less. Although some of them still felt irritated with me, I cannot do anything about it. Maybe I should ask for apologize but I afraid that they might tell me that I am too sensitive.

At the end, the moral of the story that I can get is; don't talk too much. There is a saying that says "silence is golden" or "silence is prudence". Maybe I should keep this saying inside of my head from now on. I hope that I can be a better person with less words but more on actions.